Lifelong Guidance Workshops are Completed

13 April 2017
Lifelong Guidance Workshops are completed in regional coordination centres.

Lifelong Guidance Workshops which are realized in the context of  Promoting Lifelong Learning II in Turkey Project which aims to contribute to the improving human resources in the country by introducing the concept of “Lifelong Learning”; have been completed in regional coordination centers.

Workshops are realized on;
*  26-30 December 2016 in Eskişehir
*  16-20 January 2017 in İstanbul
*  06-10 February 2017 in İzmir
*  27-31 March 2017 in Antalya
*  27-31 March 2017 in Trabzon
*  03-07 April 2017 in Adana
*  03-07 April 2017 in Elazığ.

223 participants have participated in the workshops intended to improve/update 10 sets of web based knowledge, guidance tools and assessment materials in the context of lifelong guidance for the Lifelong Learning Web portal.