Result Areas of the Project

Results to be achieved

  • Result 1— Developing and revising the legislative structure arrangements to facilitate LLL strategies in MoNE, VET institutions, relevant public and private institutions and labour market.
  • Result 2— Developing VET educational text books to enable horizontal and vertical training mobility at levels 2, 3 and 4 for at least 3 selected fields of VET and implementing in line with EQF, NQF and ECVET principles.
  • Result 3— Strengthening the co-operation between all relevant parties vis-à-vis LLL principles.
  • Result 4— Implementing comprehensive information and awareness-raising activities about LLL in Turkey.
  • Result 5— Developing a Web-Based Lifelong Learning Guidance Information System and introducing LLG expertise into further building human capital in MoNE.
  • Result 6— Developing and improving the qualifications and capacity of VET teachers in at least 3 fields of VET in line with LLL strategies
  • Result 7— Introducing a Quality Assurance (QA) System (indicators and tools) in VET at all levels in line with LLL.